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Encouraged by New Longevity and Senescent Cell Research, Res-JUVENTA Increases its Footprint by Updating Packaging and Adding New 30-Capsule Blister Package

New research published in on 11/2/11 indicates that cellular senescence is causally implicated in generating age-related phenotypes and that removal of senescent cells can prevent or delay tissue dysfunction and extend health span. Research also confirms that long term low-level inflammation contributes to age related illnesses and impacts longevity.

Who doesn't want to be young forever? Imagine if you could delay your aging process and hold onto your youth. It may become possible as suggested by the latest research on senescent cells. Senescent cells are primarily responsible for gradual inflammatory changes in the body and hastening the process of aging. The body's immune system constantly clears away senescent cells , but increasingly less effectively with age. This results in a mounting accumulation of senescent cells in tissue which causes them to age at an accelerated rate. If the body is cleansed of these culprit senescent cells, many aging disorders can be delayed.

According to Husam Ghanim of University of Buffalo, Resveratrol has been shown to prolong life and reduce the rate of aging in fruit flies and yeast. Resveratrol affects a gene that is associated with longevity. This longevity gene, known as Sirtuin, reduces cellular decay and grants cells sufficient power to repair themselves. It positively impacts multiple mechanisms involved in cellular aging, including DNA protection and repair, genetic regulators of cellular aging and mitochondrial biogenesis. All these attributes are extremely important longevity enhancers.

According to Ghanim's study, resveratrol suppressed the generation of free radicals which cause oxidative stress and pro-inflammatory substances in the blood, resulting in the damage of blood vessel lining. Resveratrol also helps in suppressing the inflammatory protein, tumor necrosis factor (TNF), and other compounds, which increase blood vessel inflammation and interfere with insulin action.

Recent reports by the US Department of Agriculture stated that foods and supplements that score high in anti-oxidant analysis called ORAC, may protect cells and their components from oxidative damage. Res-JUVENTA contains resveratrol, which triggers age slowing mechanisms. Res-JUVENTA is a Spanish blue grape vitis vinefera resveratrol supplement, which should be taken on a daily basis.

Encouraged by a constant flow of growing research results which point out the benefits of a superior resveratrol complex product, Yahuurs LLC has recently increased its pledge in its flagship Res-JUVENTA supplement by updating its label and by adding a new 30-count blister package presentation. As pointed out by Urs Fischer, CEO of Yahuurs, "due to the lower number of capsules, our new packaging will enable our first-time customers to gain their first experience with a lower price tag. In addition, the blister package sheets fit conveniently into your bag when on the road and provide enhanced protection until the capsules are consumed."

At the same time, the packaging of Res-JUVENTA has been updated with the attractive Res-JUVENTA logo and vivid colors.

While the research on senescent cells is promising, it may take some time until this could be employed in human trials. Resveratrol is known for its high ORAC and anti-inflammatory effects, and aids in slowing down the process of aging. So, Urs Fischer, of Yahuurs LLC, US distributor of Res-JUVENTA, asks: "Why wait for YouthTM? Start taking the 100% Spanish Blue Grape based natural Res-JUVENTA until the day the research yields new remedies for humans to combat senescent cells."

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