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Latest Res-JUVENTA On-site Video: Not Really the Miracle of Turning Water into Wine at the Wedding of Cana. But Amazing, Nevertheless.

Yahuurs LLC just released a video clip in which it visibly compares its flagship Res-JUVENTA resveratrol complex product with some of the other products currently available in the US market. As explained by Urs Fischer, CEO and principal of Yahuurs, it is of utmost importance to distinguish between widely available synthetic and Japanese knotweed derived resveratrols and the scarce high quality Spanish Blue Vitis Vinifera resveratrol.

Most of the currently touted resveratrol products do not contain Vitis Vinifera resveratrol, or just a small percentage in order to allow the seller to use grape or grape leaf symbols in their logos and advertising campaigns. While Res-JUVENTA's superior organic raw material is more valuable and pricey, it is also widely known that Spanish red wine and the ancient Spanish Blue Grapes naturally contain higher resveratrol and quercetin levels than other grapes or wines. And this comes to life with every capsule of Res-JUVENTA.

For producers and retailers of resveratrol complex products it may be tempting to employ cheaper and inferior raw materials in order to increase profit margins or sales volumes by selling lower priced merchandise to the unsuspecting consumer. In fact, Yahuurs LLC is contacted, on a regular basis, with offers from Chinese producers of cheap synthetic resveratrol. However, as Urs Fischer stated, "As a distributor of superior products to a loyal base of customers, which include many own family members, it is a no-brainer for our company to decline any such offers as we continue to live and work by our high quality principles."

But is there any way a consumer can tell what is inside a resveratrol product? Yes, it is actually quite easy to perform a water dissolution test just the way it is demonstrated in Yahuurs latest clip. ( and It is quite amazing how the contents of a capsule of Res-JUVENTA, when dissolved in a glass of water, mimics the miracle of turning water into wine. The liquid becomes visibly almost indistinguishable to red wine, which is supporting Res-JUVENTA's slogan of providing the benefits of Spanish red wine; but without the potential issues associated with alcohol. While it is a generally supported medical recommendation to consume one to two glasses of red wind per day, a single capsule of Res-JUVENTA provides the equivalent in resveratrol complex of about 1 1/2 bottles of Spanish red wine, a quantity hardly beneficial to one's health if consumed in its alcoholic alternative liquid form.

For people interested in healthy dietary supplements, and especially resveratrol and quercetin, this clip is highly informative - and makes you want to try to turn water into wine! - or, at least to get into the habit of taking a daily dose of Res-JUVENTA resveratrol complex.

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