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Temporary Inventory Shortage of High-Quality Resveratrol Products Expected as Nuclear Crisis in Japan Worsens
Yahuurs LLC says Resveratrol products may see surge in sales due to recent events and new studies: 5/2011

May 06, 2011- Yahuurs LLC's all natural Res-JUVENTA contains vitis vinifera resveratrol and quercetin harvested from the Spanish Blue Grape, a rich source of antioxidants. Supplements like this have been found to promote cardiovascular health and weight loss, as well as slow down the aging process of organisms.

Now, in light of recent tragic events, resveratrol supplements are finding themselves useful in additional capacities. A study published in Science Daily by the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine in 2008 found that acetyl-resveratrol protected against radiation in mice when administered before radiation exposure. Professor and chairman of the Department of Radiation Oncology at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, Joel Greenberger, M.D., led the study, which was overseen by the University's Center for Medical Countermeasures Against Radiation. The study can be accessed through:

The center is dedicated to identifying and developing small molecule radiation protectors and mitigators that easily can be accessed and administered in the event of a large-scale radiological or nuclear emergency.

In regards to the recent tragic events in Japan, resveratrol may become an important supplement to the already administered iodine pills, designed to limit the body's intake of radiation. "Currently there are no drugs on the market that protect against or counteract radiation exposure," according to Dr. Greenberger. He and his team are conducting further research to determine whether acetylated resveratrol may eventually be translated into clinical use as a radio-protective agent.

In the meantime, with reports of low-level readings of radioactive fallout from the troubled Japanese nuclear power plants reaching areas of the US West Coast such as Sacramento, California, and Washington State, it may be additionally beneficial to start taking dietary supplements of resveratrol.

Urs Fischer, CEO of Yahuurs LLC, the US distributor of the Spanish all-natural resveratrol and quercetin supplement Res-JUVENTA, says "this is just one of many reasons for taking an all natural vitis vinifera resveratrol supplement. While there may be controversy about safe levels of exposures to radiation, it never hurts to be cautious in situations like this, and when you consider all the other health benefits of a product like ours, to me it's a no-brainer." While there are different views as to what levels are safe and what precautions should be taken, it is crystal clear that supplements of resveratrol are becoming more important for a number of healthy reasons.

Yahuurs LLC will undertake extra efforts to secure additional direct imports of Res-JUVENTA products from its Spanish, FDA-registered producer. But it currently cannot rule out temporary inventory depletion as a result of spiking demand because of the additional interest in high-quality resveratrol products due to the recently published findings on nuclear radiation which has reached the US West Coast.

Given that the nuclear and human tragedy in Japan is expected to lead to increased volumes, Yahuurs LLC wants to "give back" by pledging a percentage of its profits to the Red Cross in Japan. It has recently launched its "5 4 U, 5 4 Japan" initiative: Online orders throughout 2011 which contain the discount coupon code "54U54Japan" will generate a discount of 5% for the customer plus a 5% donation to the American Red Cross, in semi-annual payments, earmarked "Japan Earthquake and Pacific Tsunami".

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