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Res-JUVENTA Resveratrol Quercetin Complex is Gaining Rapid Popularity as a Cure for Hangovers
Res-JUVENTA resveratrol quercetin complex is gaining rapid popularity as a cure for hangovers. 7/2011

July 09, 2011-- A new craze has been making the rounds and is rapidly gaining popularity in bars in from Miami to New York to San Francisco as well as college campuses across the country. It is about a dietary supplement capsule which is said to have a surprising side effect, unintended and not endorsed by its importer and distributor: Curing hangovers the day after.

As described by an astute fan from the campus of a northeastern university: You wake up groggy with a splitting headache wishing that you did not have somewhere to go and could just keep sleeping. You get yourself up and out of bed and the headache is now coupled with a soreness that sets in over your entire body. It's the inevitable hangover that we're all forced to succumb to after a night that went on later than we had planned. That feeling of pain the next day is enough to make us try anything to get ourselves right again. Usually the standard breakfast, coffee, and shower routine that works for normal morning grogginess is not enough after a night of heavy drinking.

The search for a hangover cure has been around as long as alcohol itself. Whether it's a homemade concoction or something off the shelf at your local supermarket, it seems that there are numerous beliefs on what can help ease the pain after a night of (over) indulgence. Unfortunately, many of the theories do not hold up when put into practice.

Typically, a fellow student, colleague or someone in your social circle tells you that you have to try a drink- 5 hour energy or vegetable drinks - and that this is the key to getting rid of a hangover. Usually it does not work. Their use as a hangover cure is debunked and the groggy scramble for salvation continues on until the next new " cure" is developed.

However, in bars and college campuses across the country there is a new product that reportedly helps with hangovers. Res-JUVENTA is a Spanish blue grape vitis vinifera resveratrol supplement, taken daily, that has been growing in popularity in the US (it has been popular in Spain for some time, as this is where it is manufactured).

What is resveratrol you're asking? Ironically, it is something that is found in red wine and is now being studied by major pharmaceutical companies for its potential to fight aging. There are numerous studies showing its healthy effects, which range from increased metabolism (aiding in weight loss) or its high antioxidant content. Many users of the product also report increased energy levels. Then there are others, the ones that we are interested in, that report its use as a hangover cure.

Urs Fischer, President of Yahuurs LLC, the US distributor of Res-JUVENTA, commented when asked on the subject: "We have received feedback from some of our younger users that Res-JUVENTA allegedly helps them recover more quickly from hangovers. However, this is not something that we intend to use as a marketing angle; we would rather point to the numerous other health benefits that the product has. But yes, we have received numerous comments on Res- JUVENTA helping to cure hangovers, especially from customer who have been taking it for some time before the dreaded morning after. If anything, we like to point out that this vitis vinifera resveratrol and quercetin product boasts the benefits of Spanish red wine while circumventing some of the problems associated with alcohol. We can see a potential correlation of our 100% Spanish blue grape harvested natural product with the stubbornly lingering ill advice to have another drink to combat hangovers. However, we definitely want to avoid promoting any excessive use of alcohol just because Res-JUVENTA may help relieving your own body's punishment for any excess."

Maybe this one is just another one of the many theories. However, it is interesting enough to warrant a closer look, especially since it is a healthy daily supplement, unlike some of the other theories that exist. The healthy dose of resveratrol and antioxidants (among other valuable polyphenol and anthocyanin ingredients, such as quercetin, pterostilbene, catechin, gallic acid, malvidin, peonidin, delphinidin and cyanidin) and the reported increase in energy some users experience might be just the kick we need on those groggy morning afters.