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Quercetin, an Integral Part of Resveratrol, May Benefit Cell Health in Patients with Sarcoidosis; Also, Resveratrol in the Forefront of Stroke Prevention
Those familiar with the numerous benefits of taking resveratrol supplements can now potentially add another advantage to their list...

September 03, 2011 - Patients suffering from sarcoidosis, a disease in which swelling (inflammation) occurs in tissue such as the lymph nodes, lungs, liver, eyes, and skin, can help treat their condition with resveratrol. Besides promoting cardiovascular health, weight loss, and slowing down the aging process, a new study points to yet another beneficial aspect of resveratrol. Dr. Greg Arnold, DC, CSCS, a Chiropractic Physician practicing in Danville, CA, who recently published his study in Clinical Nutrition, conducted a study in which twelve patients were given 2,000 mg of quercetin within 24 hours of being diagnosed with sarcoidosis. At the same time, six other patients received a placebo. After blood samples were taken, the researchers found that "Sarcoidosis patients might benefit from the use of antioxidants, such as quercetin, to reduce the occurring oxidative stress as well as inflammation."

Also, adding to the list of potential benefits, a report by Jessica Patella, ND, references the study by Johns Hopkins University researchers who are on the forefront of discovering the beneficial effects of resveratrol in the brain by protecting cells. They are also some of the first to discover an oxygenase-resveratrol correlation which led to the conclusion that resveratrol could have beneficial effects on strokes, which were induced in mice for their studies.

Urs Fischer, CEO of Yahuurs LLC, US distributor of Res-JUVENTA, the 100% natural vitis vinifera resveratrol quercetin complex produced in Spain from the skin, seeds, pulp and stems of Spanish Blue Grapes comments: "Being aware of the reported anti-inflammatory capacity of high ORAC ('oxidant radical absorbent capacity') resveratrol supplements, we are not surprised to see a continuously growing body of research pointing to an array of additional health benefits of first class dietary supplement products, such as Res-JUVENTA. More and more age-related as well as other types of human ailments are linked to a seemingly endless list of inflammatory-based causes. While additional needed research will be conducted, the logic of resveratrol antioxidants' fighting of free radicals and the resulting beneficial effects against processes which lead to natural or premature cell aging has started to clearly emerge. This is a very exciting field and, given that many diseases set in at an advanced age in our times of extended life expectancy, we can't wait to hear about emerging additional potential health benefits to be discovered in the foreseeable future." He adds: "Hence our slogan: 'Why Wait For YouthTM?'"

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