About Us

Res-Juventa Reserveratrol Complex

Yahüurs LLC’s founding was inspired by a small group of enthusiastic people who foster and maintain personal global business relations and interests in the following areas:

- International Trade
- Banking and Micro Finance,
- Shipping,
- Renewable Energy,
- Agriculture
- Natural Health and Beauty Care Products, and
- Vigorous and Healthy Life Styles


We are united by a deep joy of living. In fact, we can barely get enough of living and being well. Hence, years ago we have started to use our worldwide connections to embark on an international quest to find and consume natural, healthy (often 100 % organic, such as Res-JÜVENTA) products which improve the human organism’s balance and well-being; all with the aim to cultivate, enhance and extend a healthy life expectancy. There is no contradiction between a sound sense for responsible and long-term business interests and a health-conscious life-style. While we are business-minded, we also aim to extend our and our customers’ life span while maintaining a maximum level of vitality and savoir-vivre.

For the first time we have now made carefully selected products available for sale to the general public in the USA. Our premise is to only sell trusted products which have passed all legal and regulatory hurdles, including FDA-conformance and FDA-accepted labeling. Also, we will only offer products which we will consume and use for ourselves and for our families. In fact, our first and flag-ship product, Res-JÜVENTA, has been consumed by us for almost 10 years with very good results.

Our website aims to be the only place you will need to go to in order to receive all the information relevant to our supplements and their benefits. While we very much like our products, we don’t ask you to take our word for it. We will actually keep our statements to the relevant minimum and point to our research sections on our website to connect you to articles and leading research from world-renowned scientists and government organizations like the US Department of Agriculture and other medical and health sites. Then you can draw your very own conclusions on why we are excited about the products we decided to bring to you.

Yahüurs LLC is a company duly registered in New York State and with the FDA under registration # 19009618556.

We will keep updating this section as our business and the quest for ever improved ways of tackling this wonderful venture called life evolve.

  Res-Juventa Reserveratrol Complex

Improve your health and well-being for decades to come!

Your Yahüurs Team